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51 Companies Hired John for Their Events Last Year

You get a standup comedian who has enthralled companies and associations big and small across the United States.

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His nerve-hitting show flows from the devious side of childhood to the never-ending pressures of our times. His twisted observations of life and the world around him have earned John a reputation as one of the most consistently strong acts wherever he goes.

A Comedian for Any Audience

While anything may go in a comedy club, when you hire a comedian it is imperative for them to keep it clean at a corporate event or company party. With 15 years of corporate comedy experience, John knows this. However, being a nationally touring comedy club act, if you want something with a bit more adult humor, he can do that too.

Personalized Entertainment for All Events, Large and Small


From 50 people at a company Christmas party to 300 people at a Community Center to 50,000 people at the Daytona 500 Experience, John will keep you in stitches with clean standup comedy everyone can relate to.

Comedy From Minnesota to Florida and Everywhere Between


Based out of Minneapolis, Minnesota and traveling nationwide from Seattle to Miami. Don’t let location limit your choices for a successful comedy show. Until you see John with his own sitcom, odds are he will be within your budget.

Please feel free to contact John with any questions.



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Results You Can Expect – Previous Company Parties


We are looking forward to your return. Our contractors are still telling us this was the best Christmas Party they have attended. I can’t thank you enough for making faces red, guts jiggle, and laughter spew across the Ballrooms!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Tommy R. Key

Director of Services

Puget Sound Chapter, National Electrical Contractors Association,  Seattle Washington

Hey John, we had a blast. You were the talk of the town yesterday and of course I am sure today again. We had some people not show up for the meeting and now after what they hear from the people that were there they wish they would have come. John this was the best thing that we had in Napoleon for a long time, it will be talked about for a while. If it will be up to me we will be doing this every year for our meeting. I was also told from people that they were so happy to have comedy that was clean instead swearing like a lot of comedians do. John I want to thank you again, you made our agency look good and my cheeks still hurt from laughing. John I know you will be back in Napoleon again. Keep in touch. Let me know when you will be in Fargo again or somewhere in ND and I will get a van load to come and see you.

Lance Weigal

Braun Crop Insurance – Napoleon, North Dakota

“John was an ultimate experience for our event. I will have a hard time finding entertainment that will match the fun he provided for my employees for future events. John is very organized and professional and his show is just a good, clean show that made all who attended laugh for the entire event. We have a mixture of male and females, young and old and all of them were laughing all the way through the show. It was a night of pure enjoyment and John is the reason for that. ”

Brenda T. – Aberdeen, South Dakota

“John DeBoer was an excellent entertainer for our employee Christmas Party. He was very good at getting our audience rolling from the moment he went on stage. He really did a great job of asking us about our group to see what would be appropriate and what to stay away from. We received nothing but outstanding comments from our employees about his performance. He even mingled with our employees after the show where he received even more laughs. Quite the show John. We would definitely recommend him to anyone looking for a comedian!! He was very personable and just down right funny!!! Thanks for all the laughs John!!!”

Jill K. – Grand Island, Nebraska

John – We sent out a survey on Monday to get feedback and unanimously everyone said you were a great comedian, everyone laughed and are still laughing. You are the talk of the water cooler. Here is some of what people said:

  • “You took a chance picking a comedian and it paid off!!”
  • “I have been to comedy clubs and comedians are so-so, but these guys were fantastic”
  • “I had tears coming down my face I was laughing so hard”
  • “My wife and I had a great time….the comedian was hilarious!”
  • “Comedian was very entertaining” – {and that says a lot coming from an engineer!!!}

Thanks again….tell your dad he can be proud!! Take care…..and have a great holiday!

Lisa S.

Foth Company – Green Bay, Wisconsin

John – everyone loved you. You are what everyone is talking about (and still giggling about). Our entire group was happy to have you there! I got a text the other day from someone in seed that simply said, “Croplan makes your Asgrow” That was it!

Amy Lyon

CHS Inc. – Marshall, Minnesota

YOU WERE A BIG HIT! We received SO many positive comments and feedback from everyone who attended, many wanting to shake my hand for getting you as the entertainment. I mean everyone was and still is talking about what a wonderful evening we had and how much they appreciated being invited. Pretty much everyone has said it will be very difficult for us to top this year’s entertainment, and I believe them. You were fantastic!

Larry Veith

Progressive Ag Services – Rochester, Minnesota

(Text Message – TEXT-IMONIAL) WOW Mr. John DeBoer U R the BEST! I honestly can’t thank you enough on how amazing u were last night!!!!!! Every single person there last night came up to me and said they had the best time ever and LOVED U! People who have been there as long as I have and more, which is 14yrs…….all said U were by far the best entertainment we’ve ever had. Thank you thank you again for making time in ur hectic schedule for our Christmas Party! May u have a wonderful and a Merry Merry Christmas :-) Keep in touch and please let me know when ur in mpls or Cloud. Bless u and ur Family.

Matt N

Cold Spring Electric – Cold Spring, Minnesota

Thank you so very much for entertaining my fellow coworkers at American Family Insurance with your jokes and stories! You were the hit of our show on Friday, December 2nd! I have heard nothing but rave reviews from my fellow coworkers on the amazing job you did, they all wanted to know where I found you and where they could find out when you will be doing shows in Minnesota again, so please let us know when you will be doing shows so we can communicate that to our employees! Your jokes and tone of your show were phenomenal, they loved your professional yet laid back approach. Everyone who attended was able to relate to most of the material you presented. Thank you for hanging around to speak to people after the show and for providing us with great entertainment! From all of us at American Family Insurance, Thank you for making us laugh we hope to be your favorite show for years to come!!

Amy Watson

American Family Insurance – Eden Prairie, Minnesota

Hi John, Just taking time to drop you a note and thank you for an amazing performance. You two sure had them eating out of your hands. We have people from all over the area telling us they had a friend or relative that came to the show, and asking if we will be having more comedy. And the lucky people that were there are making it one of their great memories. You two really impressed everyone. My biggest problem now is how do we follow up after two awesome comedians like you and Jamie? Actually I was going to ask if there was a spot on your site to give you a sterling 10 out of 10 review? Thanks again Wild Man!!!

Del D. – Rockford, Iowa

“John was a huge success with our group! We haven’t laughed that hard for a very long time. Would highly recommend him for any party. He is very accommendating. Our group is considering getting him back again! You will not be disappointed if you hire this comedian!! Thanks John for a wonderful night of laughter! ”

Sharon W.

Good morning – hope your flight home went well and your tooth/face is feeling a bit better. I have had alot of comments this morning on the party and everyone thought you were great! One guy said he normally doesn’t like comedians but you were hilarious! I just had one spouse call me and said she giggled through the whole thing that you were just great! Everyone could relate to your stories and that’s what everyone said made it so funny.

So thank you again!

Donna Christianson

Beverage Wholesalers, Fargo, North Dakota

I just wanted to take a minute (better late then never, right?) and write to you and tell you what a wonderful time my company had on January 24th.

Your show was AMAZING!!!!!!! People were telling me for days how much fun they had and how great they thought that you were. It’s always a great performance I think when people continue to talk about how much fun they had.

I also just wanted to personally thank you as well for performing longer than necessary. I know that we pay for a 45 minute to an hour show, and you were with us for almost an hour and a half and I really appreciate that. Even people that don’t generally laugh a whole lot at comedy shows (my husband for one) told me how great it was!

I’m looking forward to planning our event for this next year because I’ve had several requests to have you back!

Kimberly Good

Progressive Insurance, Lincoln, Nebraska

“I wanted to thank you for recommending John DeBoer for our Holiday party held December 11. John performed for approximately two hundred of our Comptroller Operations personnel.”

“John had everyone laughing to the point of tears for the entire performance. Everyone was completely entertained. I would recommend him to any business that is looking for good, clean comedy. I sincerely hope to have John return for future events here at Mutual of Omaha.”

Kurt S. Christiansen, First Vice President

Mutual of Omaha Companies

Omaha, Nebraska

“Lexington Standard hosted their holiday party on January 30th. For entertainment we booked the comedian John DeBoer through your agency. We were very pleased with John DeBoer. He showed up on time for his performance and was very patient when the dinner ran late causing his event time to get pushed back. Since this was a company sponsored event we requested that Mr. DeBoer keep the performance some what clean and avoid topics that would be offensive. We had about 130 people in attendance that work in both our shop and our office with ages ranging from about 20 to retirement.”

“Mr. DeBoer put on a wonderful show. I’ve had a number of people compliment the holiday committee for choosing a comedian and comment on how funny Mr. DeBoer was. A couple of people even asked about him for events they know of that need some entertainment. I would recommend John DeBoer as a comedian for another group.”

“When you know of any public performances that he will be doing in the area, please pass that information along to me. There are a number of people, including myself, that are interested in seeing him again.”

Paulette Redenius

Lexington Standard Corporation

St Paul, Minnesota

You and I didn’t have time to talk after your show at Cargill on December 19th. So, I am writing to let you know you did a great job.

Besides the positive feedback that we received from everyone who attended, our committee ( including myself) feels this years’ Christmas party was a success. Thanks for making our event memorable. Best of luck with all your future endeavors.

Matt Gray

Cargill Corporation

Minneapolis, Minnesota

Thank you for finding us an excellent comedian for our Co-brand quarterly. I was very impressed with the quality of service your agency demonstrated. There were several reasons why everyone was satisfied with John DeBoer’s performance. He personalized with our audience by listening and reacting to their comments and gestures. John also kept a constant laughter in the room by sharing his stories about childhood experiences and city jokes.

After the quarterly, several people came to John and complimented his great performance. We will definitely consider having john come back to Omaha for future Co-brand functions. Our function turned out to be a success, especially with the surprise of comedian, John DeBoer.

Rachel Tremain

First Data Resources – Omaha, Nebraska